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Forster Shark Diving Weekend

Posted by Ian James on

The weekend starts with the drive. The car is packed, work has finished, so we are off up the F3. The Friday night traffic is out but moving. Two and a half hours later and we are at Forster. We are greeted by Megan, Craig and Kirk when we arrive at the Dive Forster house. Not long after arriving David and Paul arrive. It’s now late and a full days diving is ahead so we all head to bed.

We are all up early after a good sleep. Some of us are happy with the tea and instant coffee but others need the good stuff and they’re off into town for breakfast. We all head to Dive Foster at Fisherman’s Wharf to meet Andrew and Sara who did the early morning drive from the coast. We’re all here so we start gearing up for the 8:30am boat departure. After we load the boat Gabbie, our ever happy host, takes the helm and navigates us out to our first dive site.

Arriving at Latitude Rock we are given the dive brief by Keith our dive guide. Entering the water we are greeted with 18 degrees and 15 metres viz. We start moving down one of the many gutters in the area and instantly we come across a little turtle that scurry’s away. The area had lots of small juvenile fish and some overly friendly groupers. Further along the gutter we start to find some overhangs with large crayfish hiding in the crevasses. With the dive only a few minutes in we came across another very large turtle grazing on the Cunjevoi and slowly followed him down the gutter until we came across what we had come to see - a large grey nurse shark just hanging out on one of the sloped walls in the small current. We now had a new buddy in the team with the shark staying with use until it was time to turn around and head for the boat.

After a surface interval of tea, coffee, soup and biscuits we moved to our second dive for the day - Spot A. Again descending down the anchor line we could see the bottom of the reef at 20m. Following along the wall we found a lionfish stalking some pray, so the boysF armed with GoPro's, started stalking the lionfish. Then it looked like it must be clouding over as we were losing the sun, but as we looked up we saw a huge cloud of yellow tail swimming over us. Then further on another cloud of bulls eyes enveloped the reef and us with everybody enjoying the plethora of fish. Getting towards the end of the reef we turned and started heading back to the anchor line. We enjoyed just watching all the schools of fish doing their mating thing. All too soon the air is low and we need to ascend. Back on the boat now and Gabbie has us heading back to Fisherman’s Wharf to start unloading the boat and then loading the cars for drive back to the Coast.

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