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Australia Scuba Equipment - Essential Items You Will Use In Scuba Diving

Posted by Ian James on

Diving is the best sport in the world, but like all high-adrenaline activities, things can sometimes go sideways. When they do, your level of preparation can make all the difference. There are products designed to keep you safer, but to help you stay safe, they have to be stowed in a BC pocket, clipped to a D-ring or stored on the boat, not collecting dust in a closet. If you are looking for a quality scuba equipment in Australia, Dive Imports Australia is the best place for you.

Dive Imports Australia's success is due to its quality of service and customer centered approach. Call us today at (02) 43675512 for any inquiries. You can visit our website and browse our list of scuba equipment in Australia.

Australia Scuba Equipment

Scuba Diving in Australia - Health Benefits Of Scuba Diving

We all know that scuba diving is a very enjoyable and relaxing sport, but did you know that it is truly good for your health, mind, body, and soul? Whether you are a beginner recreational diver interested in seeing the beautiful reefs of the sea in Australia, or an experienced deep sea diver who travels [...]

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Forster Shark Diving Weekend

The weekend starts with the drive. The car is packed, work has finished, so we are off up the F3. The Friday night traffic is out but moving. Two and a half hours later and we are at Forster. We are greeted by Megan, Craig and Kirk when we arrive at the Dive Forster house. Not long after arriving [...]

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Kiama Wreck

Built in England 1921underwent several ownership and name changes such as Glenside andHolmlea during a long career. Weighing in at 555 GRT with a length of 51m, beam of 8m and powered by a single screw steam engine.On the 19th January 1951 whilst on a regular work journey between Sydney and Newcastle. The collier Kiama [...]

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Sidemount is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has diving cylinders mounted alongside the diver, below the shoulders and along the hips, instead of on the back of the diver. It began as a configuration popular with cave diversThe same benefits for operating in confined spaces were also recognized by technical wreck diversSidemount diving is [...]

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Having recently read a story on a UK dive site detailing how easily an accident happened underwater that had a sad ending, I felt I had to include a blog stressing the importance of refreshing and honing your skills.The story involved two divers who were new albeit regular divers and loved diving even the grubbiest of sites [...]

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Regulators For Life

So you have got new gear for Christmas – it’s an investment that will last you 20, 30, 40 years if you look after it.Regulators are built to last if you have invested wisely and you clean your gear after every dive. The proper performance of your regulators is due to regular maintenance and care of them, [...]

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SEAC SUB: Dealers Wanted

Established in 1971 in the Genova Italy, Seac Sub was the vision of Attilio Rapallini and Marco Arata. From humble beginnings these two passionate spearfishermen and industry visionaries have created arguably the finest quality of underwater sports gear. What began as a workshop for the production of metallurgical arrows and tridents for spear guns, has evolved into [...]

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Ear Health

Swimmers ear can be a painful experience that’s why it’s important to always flush you ears with fresh water after a dive. For those fortunate enough not to have suffered an infection or inflammation of the eardrum and outer ear – be vigilant with your ears cleaning. Not violent though as an overzealous cleaning of [...]

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