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​FREEDIVING - Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Freediving – the Holy Grail of human achievement and pushing yourself beyond what you think is achievable, and then a little more. Regularly I hear of people breaking limits, diving deeper, holding their breath for longer – dissolving those “can’t do” beliefs of yesteryear and setting new world records. And this sport, my SCUBA buddies, requires very little equipment. So [...]

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The first thoughts that come to mind when you say “Night dive” is cold & dark. So let’s get over that hurdle and learn about what we benefit from by venturing into our favorite playground, at night.Torches are nowadays available from as little as a fiver to $200 - $500 that will get you a fish fryer and [...]

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The Story of How We Got The ex HMAS Adelaide

It was the year 2000 and a navy guy ‘in the know’ told a few of us that an Australian ship was about to be decommissioned and “maybe we should have a go at getting it for an artificial reef” This seemed an impossible task but 8 of us mad crazy divers thought we’d have [...]

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