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dive team

Dive Imports Australia was founded in 2000 by Ian James

Meet our fabulous instructors, descibed in their own words...
Mikey Faulkner
Hi my name is Mikey and I’m a Dive Instructor with Dive Imports Australia.
Diving for me has been a passion my whole life. From the 1st time going into the underwater world, I was hooked. The feeling of weightlessness, the marine life, the colours and the excitement of the sport, all combined to spark the journey that has taken me around the world exploring our oceans. In the early days, I would take my mask, snorkel and fins to the local golf course where I would dive for golf balls in the near black lagoons. The lagoons were full of turtles and eels and of course golf balls. I would dive down and feel my way along the muddy bottom for the balls. Some times I would find a turtle and paid the price of a light nip on the fingers, which would send me to the surface, heart pounding in my chest and my imagination projecting pictures of the movie Jaws in my head complete with theme music…

Today I train people to become dive professionals. I have successfully completed over 3000 dives. My role is to make your dreams happen. If your dream is to travel the world, swim with whale sharks, glide effortlessly with turtles, explore sunken gardens or even just to get away from it all, I am here to guide you on your journey.
Hi my name Is Mikey and I am living the dream!
Sue Dengate 
Sue has been a certified dive instructor for over 26 years with PADI, TDI, SDI, DiveRaid, SSI and SSIXR. During this time she has certified hundreds of divers and is a Platinum level Instructor. Her diving passions are Wreck, Deep, underwater photography, tech diving and travel and she likes nothing better than to combine all of these on a dive trip. Taking divers to locations such as Truk Lagoon, completing deep decompression dives on amazing WW2 wrecks, taking wonderful photos and having a great time is such a fantastic occupation.
Sue has also part owned and operated a 32ft Steber dive and fishing charter boat out of Sydney Harbour in the 1990s. However her main ‘claim to fame’ was her involvement in the successful acquisition and scuttling of a naval ship, the Ex HMAS Adelaide that is now an artificial reef lying off Terrigal on the Central Coast of NSW. Sue was the Secretary and Media Spokesperson for the Central Coast Artificial Reef Project (CCARP) and put 12 years into the project, lobbing politicians, creating media stories and fighting some late opposition until success was achieved in April 2011.

Byron Potter
As a TDI / SDI Instructor and a SSI Platinum Dive Con Instructor, Byron has coached many students from entry level diver through to Extended range decompression divers. He has introduced hundreds of students to the underwater realm and helped many more hewn their diving skills and capabilities through both recreational and technical diving. Diving for over 28 years, and a Professional diver since early 2000’s, Byron first started diving in PNG and has dived in Borneo, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and most of Australia. He has dived in conditions from Sub arctic to tropical, worked on surveying harbors and rivers in zero visibility and dived many caves and wrecks.
Byron has is also been a commercial boat skipper (coxswain) since mid 1990’s and is currently being certified as a master 24m, MED 3 and  RYA offshore yacht masters.
If Byron is not coaching someone, he is updating his own skills and his own training. Byron is currently training as a SSI free diving instructor and updating his TDI instructors to Trimix and Advanced wreck along with CCR training.

Lyndi Kim Leggett 
Have you ever wanted to push yourself a little, or a lot,  out of your comfort zone ? Ever wanted to explore where few seldom go ? Well now is the time to join me and getting yourself qualified as a scuba diver and start an adventure of a lifetime.  I have been an aquanaut forever and  instructing scuba diving for a few  years and already qualified hundreds of open water scuba divers. I love to travel and explore the oceans all over the world. From the murky waters in the old brick quarries in the UK to the beautiful Blue Hole in Belize, I have cage dived with great whites in South Africa and played with huge manta rays in the Maldives, dived with dolphins in Hawaii and flown like Mary Poppins in the best ever drift dive in Malta.  My favorite wreck is the Thistlegorm in the Red Sea - it is superb. I love sidemount diving too, diving with sharks and underwater photography.  I learnt to dive with BSAC then PADI, and then became an SSI Instructor and DiveRAID Advanced Instructor. I have had articles published in national scuba diving magazines and am responsible for a lot of the emails and blogs you get from Dive Imports Australia.  I love teaching and love scuba diving so let's make it happen.  Come scuba diving with me, perhaps conquer a fear or two and live life to the fullest.

Tiger Kiekebosch-Fitt
My name is Tiger (it’s a long story, also I don’t play golf ).
I’m 20 years old, part time SCUBA/Freedive Instructor; and a full time student studying Mechanical Engineering at UOW. I first started diving when I was 15 years old, and have been diving ever since. If I’m not on the road adventuring, drinking more than a fish, or poorly attempting to grow a moustache, you will find me diving, spearing, surfing or chasing some waterfalls!  My favourite dive site would have to be the wreck of the SS Yongala just off the coast of Ayr south of Townsville, QLD, The amount of life and diversity on that wreck is astonishing! My favourite dive site on the coast would have to be the Skillion cave as its a nice local chilled dive, and I have seen some awesome grey nurse sharks out there.
If you ever see me around the shop or out and about come say hi!

Saxon  Air
I started diving in 2007 and have travelled the world on some great diving adventures. My favourite is definitely Hideaway Island in Vanuatu where the warm water and locals are always willing to greet you. I love my night diving as I find that is when the fun fish really come out to play. Favourite local site is definitely Swansea Bridge as here is so much life compacted into such a small area. I also love to get my GoPro out to get some video footage to back up my bragging to anyone who asks.

And here is our awesome team doing what they love...