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​You Lost Your Buddy

You're exploring the reef photographing some fabulously colourful critter you’ve never seen before. You turn around to get your buddy’s attention, but he isn't there! In fact no one is there. There were 8 divers who set out together and now you are all alone. What happened ? The communication and buddy system broke down – big time, that’s [...]

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The journey of the scuba diver’s gear through the passage of time has kept up remarkably well with innovations in technology. I first owned a chunky big black & white screened Aladdin computer that was out of date as it hit the shop floors. Much like the mobile phone technology – once a phone is released its next better faster version [...]

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HMS Adelaide – the NSW Central Coast’s own ‘Heart of the Ocean’

Mystery, exploration and the sense of being in a whole new world where few dare to venture – this sums up my reasons for SCUBA diving and, in particular, wreck diving. In my 20 years of diving all over the world, I speak from experience when saying that wreck diving is an absolute rush. From gearing up, listening with [...]

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​FREEDIVING - Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Freediving – the Holy Grail of human achievement and pushing yourself beyond what you think is achievable, and then a little more. Regularly I hear of people breaking limits, diving deeper, holding their breath for longer – dissolving those “can’t do” beliefs of yesteryear and setting new world records. And this sport, my SCUBA buddies, requires very little equipment. So [...]

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The first thoughts that come to mind when you say “Night dive” is cold & dark. So let’s get over that hurdle and learn about what we benefit from by venturing into our favorite playground, at night.Torches are nowadays available from as little as a fiver to $200 - $500 that will get you a fish fryer and [...]

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The Story of How We Got The ex HMAS Adelaide

It was the year 2000 and a navy guy ‘in the know’ told a few of us that an Australian ship was about to be decommissioned and “maybe we should have a go at getting it for an artificial reef” This seemed an impossible task but 8 of us mad crazy divers thought we’d have [...]

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