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Dive The Adelaide

Ex HMAS Adelaide
Is now home on the Central Coast...

The Ship: Adelaide (II) was commissioned on 15th November 1980 and was the first of six Adelaide Class guided-missile frigates to be delivered to the Royal Australian Navy.

The Ex-
All Photos courtesy from Robbert Westerdyk 2011

Adelaide (II) was the second ship in the RAN to carry this name. Adelaide (II) was the first guided-missile frigate to become home –ported in Western Australia.

The ship participated in 1990/91 Gulf War, peacekeeping operations in East Timor in 1990 and was deployed to the Arabian Gulf as part of the International Coalition against Terrorism in 2001 and 2004.

A successful bid: The Australian Government has accepted the NSW Government bid to sink HMAS Adelaide of Terrigal as a dive wreck, Federal Members have revealed today.

Ex-HMAS Adelaide
All Photos courtesy from Robbert Westerdyk 2011

The Ex-HMAS Adelaide
All Photos courtesy from Robbert Westerdyk 2011

The HMAS Adelaide an “enormous boost to tourism. ‘Mr Lloyd thanked all involved in getting the Central Coast a dive wreck. Particularly the Central Coast Artificial Reef Project committee, whose members had worked very hard for a number of years despite a number of setbacks, and never gave up.

The Scuttling:After extensive and careful preparation ,the ship was towed for its last journey to the Central Coast. With the expertise of a crew who had extensive experience in scuttling ships for artificial reefs, explosives were carefully positioned inside locations hard against inside walls of the ship ,below the waterline. On the 13TH April 2011 she went down, Located only 1.5Km from Terrigal Haven. The site is only a short 5 Minute boat ride on our vessel Buddy line ,departing from the Terrigal boat ramp.

The Dive: Discover how easy and safe it is with Dive Imports Australia. Dive Imports Australia has access to the the 2 x casual commercial moorings .Mooring number 3 is a stern mooring ,with Mooring number 4 being a Bow mooring and what a wow factor it is to land on the bow of this beautiful ship. These are the best possible mooring positions to start your dive and make it a easy and relaxed dive .Make your descent down to the bow and move along to the Bridge ,why not get your photo in the captains chair. The stern Mooring number 3 move downward to the ships hangers and take a look around ,slowly moving along to midship to the mast for your safety stop. This allows for 2 relaxed dives that covers the whole wreck. No frantic rushed swim from one end to the other which is the case from the other moorings.

Diving the ex-HMAS Adelaide
All Photos courtesy from Robbert Westerdyk 2011

The wreck now serves as a world—class artificial reef and diving site. She will attract divers from all over the world. Divers from open water level, to Dive master and Instructor levels are coming. Dive shop owners all over have Taken up Dive Imports Australia for there great customer service focus ,as well as making your day a pleasurable one ,with one of our experienced dive guides,available at a charge of $40.00 per dive.

Getting there: Dive Imports Australia gets you out to the Adelaide safely and comfortably on our Gemini purpose built dive Rib Buddy line. She is Surveyed to carry 12 passengers and is the only boat to have a sun shade to make your time more pleasurable on those hot summers days. We also have a minibus for pick ups for large groups to transport you to and from your accommodation to Terrigal.

Dive Imports Bus All Photos courtesy from Robbert Westerdyk 2011

Dive Imports Australia runs dive trips Daily (weather permitting) and regular afternoon dives out to the Adelaide..

What will the dives cost? I Have my own Gear Single dives are $70 plus Government park permit fee of $18.00, double dives are $120 plus Government park permit fee of $18.00.Dive Guides supplied at cost of $40.00 per dive.

Tanks and weights supplied - For single dive $20.00 With air or 1 x 32% enriched air blend, Double dive with 2 x Enriched air blends up to 32% $40.00. Why not extend your bottom time and make the most of your trip. Call ahead to arrange any requirements for the day.

Full Hire Gear Single dives are $120 plus Government park permit fee of $18.00. Double Dive are be $180 plus Government park permit fee of $18.00.

The Government Park permit Fee will be $18 per day available at Central Coast Tourism And is mandatory you have this with you to board at all times ,so you dont become disappointed.

Technical divers and re-breather divers are all catered for .We have TDI technical Instructor trainers and rebreather guides to come along with you.Call Dive Imports Australia on 0243675512 to arrange,any special dives you would like to conduct and well see what we can do .

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To dive the HMAS Adelaide you must complete appropriate paperwork. Please download and Fill out the Liability paperwork before you arrive on the day to save time. Please click here to download the paperwork and fill it out. Don't forget to bring it with you on the day.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coming to the Coast to stay for a visit and need Accommodation? Please click the logo below to visit the Central Coast Tourisms website...

Central Coast Tourism

They have a huge range to suit all needs and will be more than willing to assist you in any way.


Qualification and skill levels: Please supply log books and certification cards to one of our staff members so we can organise the dive to that of your experience level

Open water divers may penetrate with a Dive Imports Australia dive guide to a Max depth of 18metres. Advanced open water divers have open penetration with a Dive Imports Australia dive guide. Wreck cave and specialty divers or divers with appropriate experience may independently penetrate the wreck. Divers in locked areas must carry all appropriate specialist equipment.

You need and must supply a certification card for your level.

Click visit the Central Coast Tourism website to read the term & conditions and book your park permit before boarding...

Please note ; Divers must carry a dive computer, Underwater flashlight torch for penetrating, Available for hire at $20.00 for each day. We highly recommend all divers to wear gloves to avoid any cuts or abrasions. Dive guides are available at a charge of $40.00 per dive and are there to make your day pleasurable and safe, as well, of course point out all the bits you may miss .